Website built with professional design tools so your site is up and running quickly

3 Step Process

1. No Obligation Quote

Call us to arrange an over the phone consultation so that we can understand your needs.

This consultation will take approximately 30 minutes. To provide a quotation the following information will be required

  • the website name, known as your domain name
  • the pages required
  • the basic structure of the navigation menus
  • layout ideas, including any existing sites that you like
  • colour scheme choices, using those available here as a guide
  • the development package which most suits your needs
  • the maintenance option you prefer
  • what words people might be using to find your website

This consultation will allow us to prepare a quotation.

Quotations include a breakdown of the costs for building your website, a deposit amount required so that work can begin,
five design options for you to choose from and a list of all the information and pictures you will have to provide.

Please be aware that Web hosting is an ongoing cost. Quotations include web hosting for 1 year and an indication of future costs.

2. Site Development

Initial set up of your site will commence once a deposit is received. Your domain name will be registered and your site hosted, your site will now appear as “Under Construction”.

Upon receiving your information and pictures you can expect to see your completed site within 10 working days.

The use of industry best web design tools enables the development of professional websites in very short time frames.

3. Maintenance and Site Updates

Two options exist to keep the information and pictures on your site up-to-date:

  • Options DIY – All sites are developed using Joomla, a content management system which enables users to update their sites easily and quickly. Live online training will help you learn how to keep your site up to date.
  • Option Let Us Do It For You – Our maintenance plans allows you to give us the information and pictures that requires updating and the rest will be done for you.


All package prices include domain name registration, web hosting and site development. If you would like specific design features added to your package you might find these prices listed on our Individual Pricing List page or we can discuss your custom design as required.

Individual Price List

Design Feature Price
Contact Page $POA
Additional Page $POA
Flashing front page images, up to 5 $POA
Search $POA
Latest News down right side $POA
Photo Gallery $POA
Online form, for example an enquiry form $POA
Google Map $POA
Poll $POA
Calendar $POA
Vertical Menu down left side $POA
Finding appropriate stock photos to use $30/image

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